Butler County Partnership to Reduce Infant Mortality
Reaching More First Birthdays!
Our Vision: To inspire change & empower families so all babies reach their 1st birthday… and beyond! 
Our Mission: Helping Butler County babies survive and thrive through education, advocacy, collaboration, and action.
The Butler County Partnership to Reduce Infant Mortality (PRIM), a group of over 100 community partners, has been meeting for nearly a year analyzing data related to infant deaths in our county in order to understand what factors play a role in our high level of infant mortality. The analysis shows that lower income families are impacted more often by infant deaths of all causes, and that black and Hispanic families are impacted more often than white families. Most often infant deaths in our county are due to three things: prematurity, lack of prenatal care, and sleep related deaths. These are all complicated issues.
The Butler County Partnership to Reduce Infant Mortality meets around the community in specific Work Teams. We currently have 8 Work Teams:

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Centering Pregnancy
  • Safe Sleep
  • Breast Feeding Support
  • Teen Pregnancy Reduction
  • Father Involvement
  • Faith-Based Support
  • Leadership Team
If you are interested in being involved with any of these teams, please contact Jenny Bailer, 513-887-5251, jbailer@butlercountyohio.org

Based on community input, on what the research says about the factors impacting infant mortality and prematurity, and on our current capabilities/resources, we have chosen two projects to be implemented and measured over several years: a county-wide smoking cessation program, and a Centering Pregnancy program (http://www.centeringhealthcare.org/pages/centering-model/model-overview.php
Additionally, we will be conducting a campaign to educate about safe sleep practices and will distribute cribs to those who need them. All of these programs have the potential to impact Butler County infants and their families in a multitude of positive ways. We look forward to getting started and we hope that you will join us!
If you are interested in finding out more or assisting with this effort, please call Jenny Bailer, 513-887-5251, bailerj@butlercountyohio.org, or Cindy Meale, 513-896-7022, wicbutler@odh.ohio.gov, Co-Leads of PRIM.
FREE Pack-N-Plays for Low Income Women!!! Do you need a safe place for your baby to sleep? Call us for a free Pack-N-Play. Do you serve women who lack a safe place for their baby to sleep? Call us to see how you or your agency can help give out free Pack-N-Plays to those in need. 513-887-5249.

Butler County Infant Mortality Data
  • Ohio's overall infant mortality rate is one of the worst in the country
  • Ohio is the worst place in the nation for black infant mortality, and we are fifth from the bottom for white infant mortality (2014 data).
  • Butler county's urban area of Hamilton, Middletown, and Fairfield ranks among the ten worst urban areas in the state of Ohio for infant deaths.
  • In Butler County, deaths are not equal across races: Black and Hispanic babies are dying nearly twice as often as White babies.
  • The number of Butler County infant deaths in 2013 exceeded the number for 2012 according to the coroner's report.

Our Plan

In July 2013, the Butler County Health Department was asked to join a new group called Ohio Equity Institute addressing infant mortality (death before a baby’s first birthday) that includes nine other urban counties in Ohio, the Ohio Department of Health, and CityMatCH (which is an organization with a nationally recognized track record in helping reduce infant mortality). The Butler County Partnership to Reduce Infant Mortality (BC PRIM) will examine facts and figures and work with key people in health, social service and education agencies, as well as interested members of the public to create and carry out plans that will lead to more first birthdays for all babies born in Butler County. What we choose to do will need to have lasting impact. Our findings and results will be published locally and nationally.

Status Reports:


Those who will benefit most from this work will be babies. However, helping more babies reach their first birthdays also has other wide-spread positive effects. When the health of families improves, the health of entire communities improves. The underlying causes of babies dying within their first year of life are often also the causes of poor health for the overall population. Improving everyone’s health has many positive economic impacts.


Who We Are

The Lead Team of Butler County PRIM consists of community leaders from the Butler County Health Department, Primary Health Solutions, Butler County WIC, Butler County Educational Service Center, and the Butler County Family & Children First Council. BC PRIM has over 150 individuals and agencies


High Hopes: BC program for African American pregnant women

BC Chart Book of local data on Infant Mortality

Ohio Collaborative to Prevent Infant Mortality

March of Dimes

Cribs for Kids

SID Network of Ohio

from Butler County who have joined this partnership since it began in July, 2013. Those who have joined this effort include health care organizations, educational groups, social service agencies, religious groups, recreational groups, and civic groups, as well as law enforcement and other interested individuals.

We would love for you to join in our work and you can do so by contacting Jenny Bailer, Director of Nursing at the Butler County Health Department: bailer@butlercountyohio.org | (513) 887-5251.

Safe Sleep

Safe Sleep for Your Baby

ODH Safe Sleep Information

AAP Safe Sleep Recommendations

Bereavement Support

For bereavement support after an infant death contact Sheree Young (513-705-4056) who coordinates the HEAL program at Atrium Med Center.



Local WIC office

Breastfeeding Fact Sheet

Infant Feeding Fact Sheet

AAP Breastfeeding Recommendations


Prematurity Risk Factors

Smoking & Pregnancy

How Does Smoking Harm My Baby?

Smoking Risks During Pregnancy

Centering Pregnancy Programs

What is the Centering Institute?

Evidence Base for Centering Pregnancy Programs

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