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Community Wraparound for Professionals

Ohio statute requires each county’s Family & Children First Council to provide a mechanism to provide service coordination for families involved with multiple systems and agencies. For many years, Cluster was the method Butler County used to make decisions and develop strategies for children whose needs required extensive service plans or out of home placements. However, history showed that Cluster had its limitations. Families’ voices were not always heard and needs were not best met in a single meeting of representatives. After years of researching best practices and extensive planning among all of the child-serving agencies, Butler County adapted Community Wraparound in July of 2005 to replace Cluster.

The objective of Wraparound is to work with each family to create a team who can plan and deliver services and supports to families in need. Every family’s team is unique and is made up of the people that know and care about the family the most. Teams consist of informal supports such as friends, family, neighbors, church members and others in the family’s life who wants to help the family succeed. In addition, formal supports such as therapists, teachers, case managers and other professionals working with the family are asked to participate in the planning process. Together, all team members work together to improve, strengthen, and stabilize family functioning and child well-being.

Butler County Wraparound subscribes to the Ten Principles of the Wraparound Process as set forth by the National Wraparound Initiative. These include:
  1. Family Voice & Choice
  2. Team Based
  3. Natural Supports
  4. Collaboration
  5. Community-Based
  6. Culturally Competent
  7. Individualized
  8. Strength Based
  9. Persistence
  10. Outcome Based
For more detailed information about the Wraparound Process, please visit our Butler County Wraparound Family Guide. We also have the Handbook for Families in Spanish. The Butler County FCFC Service Coordination Mechanism can be found HERE.

The Referral Process

Once a referral is received, it is screened and assessed by the Wraparound Administrator. The Wraparound Administrator helps the family decide if Wraparound is the right support to meet families’ needs or if referrals to other programs are more suitable. If families decide to proceed with Wraparound, a facilitator is assigned to each family to guide them through the process.

The facilitator will schedule a meeting with the family at their convenience to get to know them and learn about their strengths and needs. Together, the family and the facilitator will determine who should be on the family team. The facilitator will contact the team to explain how each member can help throughout the process and to get their perspectives on the family’s needs and strengths. The facilitator will call meetings as often as necessary to plan around the team’s goals and to assist in whatever ways the family feels would be helpful.

How Can Wraparound Help Families?

Using Wraparound is a great way to get the people who know and care about the family together in one place to help meet the family’s needs. The facilitator assigned to the case will help every step of the way.

Are There Income Guidelines? Does It Cost Anything?

Community Wraparound services are available to all families in Butler County regardless of income. There is no cost for Community Wraparound facilitation.

How Can I Receive Wraparound Services?

Either print off a Referral Packet and mail it into the Family & Children First Council or call the Wraparound Administrator at 513-887-5514 who can tell you more about the program and mail you a packet today.

Are There Any Other Supports Available for Families?

Every family involved in the Wraparound process is offered a parent partner to support them and assist them throughout the process. Parent Partners are trained parents, grandparents, foster parents, and other family members who have also cared for children with special needs and who understand some of the challenges families may be facing. To learn more about the Parent Advocacy Program or to become a parent partner, contact Lynda Coombs at 513-887-5519, or click on the Parent Advocacy application.




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