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Steps To Becoming a SWO-COG Substitute

1) Employment Paperwork

  • All completed employment paperwork and documents, listed on the right, are to be submitted at your mandatory substitute orientation session by following the Substitute Application Checklist, which is the first document listed on the right. The SWO-COG does not provide hard copies of any of these documents for subs.
  • Please do not mail or drop off the paperwork prior to your scheduled orientation session.
  • Failure to submit all items listed and in order on the Substitute Application Checklist will prevent you from being registered as a sub.
  • Carefully read the Criminal Background Check (BCI & FBI) information provided via the links below on the right.
  • Register for a mandatory substitute orientation session below, under #2.

2) Register for a mandatory Substitute Orientation Session

There is a $30 registration fee for processing all substitute materials and training, which is required to be paid online through BCESC EZpay when registering online. This fee must be pre-paid before attending your session. Substitutes only have to attend one mandatory session, either at BCESC or at WCESC.

3) ODE Online License Applications

ODE provides step-by-step credential application guides, listed on the right, for assistance in submitting your online license application with them, whether you need a NEW or a RENEW Substitute Teacher License. When applying, please enter Butler County ESC as the Superintendent's Signature. Districts no longer approve substitute licenses.

NOTE: You must either bring a hard copy of your current teaching or substitute license with you to the mandatory substitute orientation session or have started your online license application process BEFORE attending the session!

Also, if you have a current teaching license and are also considered HQT (Highly Qualified Teacher), please submit the proper forms, along with supporting documentation, with your teaching license! The link to the ODE HQT Toolkit is listed on the right.

4) Employment Required Online Training Courses

Public School Works on-line training courses include the following mandatory/required training courses for all new certified substitutes the first school year with the SWO-COG:
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Employee Accident and Exposure Reporting
  • Child Abuse Recognition/Prevention (Has 5 Modules)
    • Module 1 - Preventing Child Abuse & Human Trafficking
    • Module 2 - Depression and Self-Destructive Behavior
    • Module 3 - School Violence (with Dating Violence) 
    • Module 4 - Substance Abuse/Prevention
    • Module 5 - Positive Youth Development
      • Information on these required online training courses for new subs will be provided at the mandatory Substitute Orientation session.
      • For new SWO-COG substitutes, you will not receive a login by email from Public School Works until after you have been through the Substitute Orientation Session.
After the first school year, the Public School Works online course(s) required for all returning SWO-COG certified substitutes are as follows and PSW will email each sub one year out from when the sub completed his/her online courses during the last school year:
  • Required every school year: Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Required every two years: Employee Accident & Exposure Reporting
  • Required every five years: Child Abuse Recognition/Prevention (5 Modules)
    • These course(s) must be completed within 30 days once you receive the email from Public School Works or you will be removed from the list of approved substitutes until completed!
    • Substitutes will not receive payment/credit upon completion of courses!
NOTE: Before printing off the required paperwork, you need to REGISTER to attend one of the mandatory Substitute Orientation Sessions under #2 on the left. Just click on the SWO-COG Substitute Orientation Dates link. Then click the link under the date/location you want to attend and it will take you to the registration page! Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email, along with the link to BCESC's EZpay for pre-payment(s). Then bring all the required paperwork below with you to your scheduled substitute orientation session!

Required Employment Paperwork, Docs and Payroll Forms:

Note: Please use either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer because Fire Fox does not always show all the listed documents below!

Substitute Application Checklist

BCESC's EZpay Directions

Substitute Employment Application

Substitute Employee Handbook 2016-17

Form I-9 (Driver's Lic & SS Card)

SSA-1945 (Bring 2 copies of this form)

Direct Deposit Agreement Form


Ohio Tax Form IT-4

School District Tax Listing

a. STRS New Hire (Certified Teacher)


b. STRS Reemploy Retiree (Retired Cert Teacher)

Ohio New Hire Reporting Form

Ohio Fraud Reporting System Form

Directions for ODE's Online Teacher or Substitute License Applications

ODE Step-by-Step Credential Application Guide for NEW Substitute Teaching Licenses

ODE Step-by-Step Credential Application Guide to RENEW a Substitute Teaching License

ODE HQT (Highly Qualified Teacher) Toolkit

Criminal Background
Check Information (BCI/FBI):

Background Checks

How to Receive a Copy of Your BCI Results


August 18, 2015 Testimony
Cari Wynne, Supervisor
Butler County Educational Service Center Success Program


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Hamilton, Ohio 45011
(513) 887-3710