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Juvenile Detention and Rehabilitation Center Education

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Butler County Educational Service Center facilitates all educational instruction for students at the Butler County Juvenile Detention and Rehabilitation Center (JDC/JRC) in Hamilton, Ohio.

Our program provides:

  • A year-round school calendar.
  • Computer-based programming (APEX) as well as small group, whole group and individualized instruction.
  • Remediation, credit recovery and special education instruction.
  • Instruction in the following content areas:
    • language arts
    • mathematics    
    • physical education and health 
    • social studies
    • science
    • transition and vocational programming
  • Highly-qualified, content-certificated teachers will direct student learning in the content classrooms.
  • Special education intervention specialists are available to provide IEP instruction, intervention and additional accommodations/modifications.
  • Students assessed at higher-achieving levels and up to date with credits may participate in independent study of higher level and courses of interest.
  • Course assignment will first address credit deficiencies or core classes needed to graduate.
  • Curriculum aligned with Ohio Learning Standards.
  • Social skill instruction.
Scott Gates, Assistant Director of Alternative Programs
Butler County Juvenile Detention & Juvenile Rehabilitation Centers 
280 N. Fair Ave. #2 | Hamilton, OH 45011
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If you wish to support students at the Butler County Juvenile Justice Center, please visit the link below to purchase and ship much-needed personal care products, school supplies or recreational items directly to the BCJJC education team.