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School Safety

Planning, Prevention, Response and Recovery

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Ensuring your children are safe while attending school is a top priority at each district. That is why Butler County Educational Service Center (BCESC) works tirelessly to make sure we minimize any hazard that can disrupt the learning process. At BCESC, not only do we work to make our districts’ environments secure, but we also recognize the importance of actively engaging and informing parents and kids in making our schools safer. Through working together, we can uncover any potential issues and focus on addressing each and every one.

"Part of Butler County ESC's mission is to provide exemplary services to students and families, which is exactly what the Public School Safety Department does for our school districts. Not only do member districts attend safety meetings, but they also receive tailored policies and procedures that will help them develop a strong emergency management program." - Katharine Clayton, Director of Public School Safety
BCESC takes an active step in engaging with administrations, staff, students, parents, and community partners to develop a comprehensive emergency management program.

Active shooter drillMember districts receive tailored training and safety plans. The BCESC Public School Safety Team will:
  • Work through your All-Hazards Emergency Operations Plan.
  • Offer an extensive training program that focuses on schools and school-based incidents.
  • Prepare an extensive exercise cycle.
  • Serve as a liaison with state and local agencies, local municipalities, county officials and partner school districts.
  • Act as your lobbyist to ODE.
At BCESC, we are committed to creating a culture of safety and security for our schools throughout Butler County and southwest Ohio.


Director of Public School Safety