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New Substitutes

Welcome and thank you for being interested in becoming one of our certified substitute teachers.

STEP ONE:  You must have a current/issued copy of your ODE Teaching OR Substitute License BEFORE you can register to be a part of an upcoming SWO-COG Substitute Orientation Session being held on Zoom. You do not need a substitute license IF you already have a current teaching license. Directions on how to apply for an ODE license is below, under 1st header, Substitute License - ODE Directions/Link.
You may also need to have your BCI/FBI report completed right away at either BCESC or WCESC, so both of your reports are electronically sent up to ODE and the location can also print off copies of your reports to be placed in your sub packet! Or, you need to provide copies of your BCI/FBI reports dated within 365 days of your session date. Directions on getting your BCI/FBI completed is below under 2nd header, Background Checks, Locations & Hours.

STEP TWO:  Once you have a copy of your current ODE teaching or substitute license, along with copies of your BCI/FBI reports with the completion date within 365 days of being hired, please call or email one of the contact names listed below to let her know you are interested in continuing the process of becoming one of our substitutes. It does not matter which person you contact:
1) Donna Hamilton, Warren County ESC, 513-695-2900, prompt #4,
2) Anna Hennig, Butler County ESC, 513-887-5508,
The person will call you and ask you for the following information: 1) First Name; 2) Last Name; and 3) Email Address, along with making sure you have all the required PDF documents to upload when you will be completing your online forms.
The directions on how to fill out your online forms will be emailed to you first. Then shortly thereafter you will receive an e-mail invitation to fill out a form packet online: Substitute New Hire Packet.  Once you have filled out the form packet, you will submit them.
STEP THREE:  Donna or Anna will review your submitted form packet. If everything has been completed, Donna or Anna will email you to register for an upcoming SWO-COG Certified Substitute Orientation Session on Zoom and will also attach the training documents for the session. Registering for an upcoming session on Zoom is the third header listed below.
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