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Gifted Education


The state of Ohio defines a gifted student as one who “performs or shows potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment.” Being gifted and teaching or parenting gifted children each bring a unique set of challenges.


The state of Ohio also has rules, regulations, and policies around Gifted Education. Gifted children deserve to have an appropriately challenging educational experience. Sorting through the rules and focusing on what’s best for gifted students can sometimes be a challenge for teachers and administrators. 


Our Gifted Specialists at Butler County Educational Services Center can help you overcome those challenges and help your gifted students flourish.


If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Heather Sass (513) 887-2389.


We can help you meet gifted education requirements under the state regulations. The following services offer a range of support, which can be provided directly to the district-appointed gifted education coordinator/administrator and gifted intervention specialists, as well as general education teachers who work with gifted students.
Hands-On Gifted Coordination
  • Full support and coordination of gifted programming. 
  • Oversight of compliance with state regulations. 
  • Coordination of testing procedures, reports, record-keeping, Written Education Plans (WEPs), and high-quality professional development.
  • Interacts with administrators, teachers, parents, and students around gifted issues.

Assistive Gifted Coordination

  • Interacts with administrators and teachers about gifted issues. 
  • Provides information and recommendations regarding gifted compliance issues. 
  • Assists in the completion of gifted reports and provides guidance on best practices and research about gifted issues. 
  • Oversees the writing of WEPs and assists teachers in creating them. 
  • May deliver some gifted professional development.

Consultative Gifted Coordination 

  • Consultation with and support of the District Gifted Administrator, providing recommendations, assistance with gifted reports and WEPs, review of procedure and connections to best practices. 
  • May deliver limited professional development.
Gifted Consultation 

  • Consultation on gifted compliance issues. 
  • Provides guidance on best practices and research about gifted issues. 
  • Advice to administrators on gifted identification, service delivery models, and WEPs.
Gifted Audit
  • Reviews and submits a report of the district's compliance with state gifted regulations, including strengths and recommendations for improvement.