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We provide multiple delivery methods to meet the needs of educators through face-to-face professional workshops, online courses or book studies, coaching, modeling, and facilitation.


Innovative Instructional Practices - Meet diverse learning needs and actively engage students through high-impact instruction that supports achievement and growth.

Social and Emotional Learning - Integrate Ohio’s Social and Emotional Learning Standards and support students in developing self-awareness, self-management, empathy, decision making, and build positive relationships.

Project-Based Learning - Engage students in high-impact projects to promote critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Content Literacy Strategies - Embed reading/writing strategies into any core subject, fine arts or career tech classroom.

Culturally Responsive Teaching and Equity - Build cultures of belonging and inclusiveness in classrooms, schools, and districts.

Classroom Management Skills - Understand behavioral issues and intervene when they are preventing successful learning.

Standards-Driven Curriculum and Instructional Design - Improve student achievement and growth in English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics through an in-depth understanding of Ohio’s Learning Standards and research-based instructional practices.

Curriculum Audits - Assess your current standards-based curriculum implementation through an audit process to support district decision-making.

Curriculum Mapping - Use Ohio’s Learning Standards to ensure alignment of curriculum content within and across grade levels.

Team Facilitation and Support - Build your teacher-based teams and organize building and district leadership teams for action.

District Coach Development - Professional development and side-by-side coaching to provide district coaches with the skills and tools to support teachers in improving instruction.

Reading and Writing Instruction - Implement research-based reading and writing instruction and intervention including Balanced Literacy, Guided Reading and Leveled Literacy Instruction.

OTES 2.0 Evaluator - Training and support for administrative staff in the evaluation of teachers under the OTES 2.0 model.

Resident Educator - Provide updates on expectations and timelines for mentors, facilitators, and resident educators to support a successful resident educator program.

English Language Learners - Forums, testing support and LEP writing support offered for Pre-K-12 Classroom Teachers, ESL Teachers and Tutors, Administrators and Parent Advocates. Instruction and coaching support on the implementation of strategies that support English Learners in the regular education classroom.

Formative Instructional Practices - Develop techniques that engage all students and provide real-time data on student confidence and content comprehension.

Google Education Training - Learn and explore the many uses of Google Suite apps. Instructional Coaching. Targeted coaching based upon OTES individual growth/improvement plan goals or content-specific strategies.

Instructional Technology - Integrate technology into daily classroom experiences for students.

Substitute Teacher Training - Workshops for new or continuing substitute teachers to gain knowledge about classroom technology, best practices, and classroom management.

Makerspace Education Tinker Tank - A mobile makerspace for your school to provide students with the opportunity to IMAGINE, CREATE, and INNOVATE as they quest to solve real-world problems through hands-on learning.