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Congressman Warren Davidson Visits Butler County Educational Service Center Head Start
Posted By:  Elizabeth Beadle
Friday, February 24, 2017

The Butler County Educational Service Center (BCESC) Friday welcomed Congressman Warren Davidson, OH-8, as their guest at a meeting to discuss BCESC Early Childhood Programs and, specifically, BCESC Head Start.

While Davidson travels around the 8th Congressional District, he is meeting with local businesses, organizations, and constituents. At today’s meeting, the BCESC explained the organization’s vision to Davidson and why the BCESC views supporting world-class learning through leadership and collaboration as critically important to servicing all families.
“While the Butler County ESC mainly services Butler County, Ohio, the heart of our mission is to provide services to all students and families. Congressman Davidson brought his perspective from the national level as well as took notes from our perspective at the local level,” said Chris Brown, Superintendent at BCESC.

Suzanne Prescott, Early Childhood Programs Director, explained how BCESC Head Start uses federal and state to give children and families the best possible start to education and parenting.

“The ability to blend federal and state funding allows the Butler County ESC to have one phone number for families and providers to contact us and receive aid from the many early childhood programs we provide prenatal to five-years-old. The system to receive aid can be very complicated and we love that we can streamline and simplify the process for families in need,” said Prescott.

Davidson met with BCESC Board Member Mary Pritchard, BCESC Superintendent Chris Brown, BCESC Treasurer Ken Ulm, and BCESC Early Childhood Programs Director Suzanne Prescott. After the meeting, Davidson visited a Head Start classroom and met with the staff and students.

“Head Start in particular sets the bar higher and allows the Butler County ESC to provide a stronger safety net to children. For example, 50 children had their vision screened last year within the requirements of Head Start and all 50 received a vision intervention of some kind. Being able to see is extremely important for learning,” said Prescott.



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