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Directions for ODE Online Substitute License Application

ODE Online Substitute License Application

ODE provides a CORE Applicant User Manual, listed on the right, for assistance in submitting your online substitute license application with them, whether you need a New/First Time or a Renewal of a substitute license.
NOTE 1: If you hold a current ODE teaching license, you DO NOT need to apply for a substitute license.
NOTE 2: When you are applying online with ODE, please enter, Butler County ESC OR Warren County ESC as the Superintendent's Signature. Districts no longer approve substitute licenses.
  • As of January 3, 2017, ODE will limit “hold” times for applications to 60 days. Each applicant who fails to submit required missing items, such as transcripts, documents, payment or background checks, within 60 days will receive a message stating the Department is automatically declining his or her application. The Department charges a nonrefundable $25 processing fee to applicants for each application that it declines.
  • Due to state legislation passing, as of November 2, 2017, substitutes holding a current short term substitute license, a long term substitute license or a teaching license are permitted to substitute for long term assignments up to 60 consecutive days in the same classroom (subject area/grade level). On Day 61, of any consecutive days long term assignment in the same classroom (subject area/grade level), the substitute must then hold either a current long term substitute license or teaching license with the same subject area/grade level as what is listed on the teacher's credentials. If not, then the SWO-COG may not be able to pay the substitute for any day(s) worked past Day 60, during the long term assignment, depending on the licensure.
  • On July 1, 2019, ODE created the new Substitute Teaching License, with many different fields available. The short term and long term substitute licenses are no longer available to be renewed.
    Under the NEW SUBSTITUTE TEACHING LICENSE (1 Year or 5 Year), substitutes will select the teaching field(s) based on their post-secondary degree(s) they hold. Instead of ODE looking at the content hours as in the past, it will be based on the person’s degree now.
    Expand/CollapsePost-secondary degree in Education:
    Expand/CollapsePost-secondary degree in a subject related to an area of licensure:
    Expand/CollapsePost-secondary degree in a subject unrelated to any area of licensure:


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