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BCESC Preschool Programs provide a strong foundation for early learning. By coordinating services for children and families, the program enhances the preschool experience.

Our programs promote school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of children through the provision of educational, health, nutritional, social and other services to enrolled children and families. We engage parents in their children's learning and help them in making progress toward their educational, literacy and employment goals.

All educational services are customized to the individual child's developmental level (including children with disabilities) and consider each child's temperament, interests, and learning style. The program operates collaboratively with local school districts other community partners.

The primary focus of BCESC Preschool Programs is to prepare children academically and socially for Kindergarten. A comfortable and safe environment is created within each classroom to ensure that children are provided optimal learning conditions.

Parents are welcome in the classroom at any time and are encouraged to take part in their child’s education. The teaching team works very closely with parents
to ensure the children’s success.

Throughout the day, children are engaged in a variety of educational experiences that include indoor and outdoor activities, social interactions with peers, guest speakers,
and periodic field trips to community locations.

A variety of assessments are used to monitor progress and evaluate the effectiveness of our programs options to ensure Kindergarten Readiness.

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Family and Community Partnerships
BCESC Preschool Programs recognizes the role culture plays in a child’s development. We work in close partnership with parents to develop their individual strengths in order to meet personal and family goals.

Families identify their own strengths, needs, interests and concerns. With help from preschool staff members, parents identify and access services and resources that are responsive to their family’s interests and goals.

BCESC Preschool Programs supports parents as the primary nurturers of their children and work to promote positive environments for families at home and at preschool.

Supporting families as a child's primary nurturer insures a child's educational experience is positive - at home and at preschool. As a result, parents gain self-confidence, increased involvement in their child's educational planning, and more awareness of resources in the community.

Family Involvement
BCESC Preschool Programs are family centered and designed to build on a parent’s role as the principle influence in a child’s development. Parents are an essential part of our program. We work in close partnership to develop their individual strength in order to successfully meet personal and family objectives.

Parents are always welcome to participate in their child’s day to day classroom activities. Parents who visit the classroom observe firsthand all the wonderful ways in which their children are growing and developing. Research has shown that when parents become involved in their child’s education, the child does better in school. Parents can volunteer in a number of ways:
  • Participate in classroom activities or on field trips
  • Organize classroom community service projects
  • Participate in home visits at least twice a year
  • Attend parent education classes
  • Serve on committees
  • Assist with interviewing potential employees for the program
  • Contact other parents about preschool activities
Becoming involved in a child’s education ensures seamless services for the family as they enter a preschool program and when they transition to kindergarten.

Nutrition Services
Children in BCESC Preschool Programs learn as much about nutrition as they do about colors, letters, shapes and numbers. Various activities teach healthy food choices to children and families.

Nutritionally-sound meals and snacks are provided daily in each classroom. Our children take part in a family-style setting where they set the table, serve food, and socialize with each other.

As part of the total health services delivery system, each child receives a thorough nutrition assessment. Health plans are developed for children found to be at risk, and a follow-up assessment is completed prior to children leaving the program.

BCESC Preschool Programs will accommodate your child's individual medical or religious dietary needs. Meals are prepared in accordance with Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP) requirements and provide at least 1/3 of children’s daily nutritional requirements. A registered dietitian is available to consult with parents and will provide assistance to teachers to ensure that dietary requirements are observed during classroom meals.

Student Support Services
A child's behavioral health is crucial to his or her overall well-being and successful development. BCESC Preschool Programs design and structure promotes opportunities for success in developing healthy behaviors. Our staff help children develop positive self esteem through nurturing and supportive interactions. This is a very important part of preparing a child who is eager and ready to learn.

Teachers work with parents to screen all enrolled children for behavioral health concerns. If needs are identified, behavioral health support is available to the teacher, classroom, child and family throughout the school year. Support may be provided in the classroom, through phone consultation and in the home environment. We also involve the school district of residence to assist, as well as transition children smoothly into Kindergarten.

All children receive development screenings within the first few months of enrollment. These screenings will focus on the child’s speech and language, problem solving, behavioral health, overall physical and dental health, nutrition and motor development. Children with suspected or diagnosed disabilities are provided with assistance to ensure the best available service.

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Whose Idea Is This?
This guide for parents summarizes the state’s special education rules in Chapter 3301-51 of the Administrative Code, Operating Standards for Ohio Educational Agencies Serving Children with Disabilities.




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