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Inactive Substitute* Information

If you were made inactive as a substitute at any time during the past 8 years, and you are interested in returning as a SWO-COG substitute again, you must do the following:
  • Remain current with your ODE licensure/certification and provide a current copy of your license.
  • Print off and complete the following items, which are listed on the right:
  1. Request to Be Re-Activated form
  2. Pre-pay a $20 reactivation fee and $36 for a FBI report to be completed on eventbrite link and print off your receipt to turn in with rest of paperwork (RtBR $20 processing fee is waived until through September 30, 2020.)
  3. A copy of your current FBI report, which has been completed recently, within the past 365 days
  4. Signed, dated and two emergency contacts entered on the last page of the Substitute Employee Handbook
  5. If renewing your teaching license or substitute license, turn in a copy of your current ODE license. (For directions, click Directions for ODE Online Substitute License Applications at the top right of this page, across from the COG logo.)
  6. Complete the required Direct Deposit Agreement Form even if your banking information has not changed since resigning from the SWO-COG in the past.
  • Please mail ALL completed required documentation AT THE SAME TIME to assist the process of going smoothly, to the address at the bottom of Page 2 of the Request to Be Reactivated form.
  • Complete all required Public School Works online training course(s), which are required with returning to the SWO-COG. You are given a 30-day period to complete and pass the required online course(s). The PSW link and directions can be found under Reference Materials on the SWO-COG Home page.
*This does not include or apply to any substitutes who were removed from the SWO-COG or from any of our school districts!
Forms for "Inactive" SWO-COG Substitutes to request to be re-activated

Request to Be Re-Activated

Eventbrite Pre-payment Directions (RtBR $20 processing fee is waived through September 30, 2020.)

Substitute Employee Handbook

Direct Deposit Agreement Form


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