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Our Administrative Search Six-Step Process

The selection of a Superintendent is the most important decision of a Board of Education. The Butler County Educational Service Center understands the importance of customizing each search to match the unique characteristics and needs of each district. As your consultant, we help the Board and the community select the right leader for your unique needs.

1.) Establishing the timeline and selection criteria

Finding the right superintendent is the most important task a school Board undertakes and timing is critical to your search process. Working with your Board, we begin a planning process beginning with the start date of the new superintendent. After your Board establishes their key checkpoints, we gather input from your most valuable stakeholders--from administrators and teachers to parents and community members. After your Board finalizes the selection criteria, we will post the description and begin the screening process.

At BCESC, we know your selection sets the direction for your district, which is why we help you navigate the search process to ensure success for your Board, your students, and your community.

Focus on Community

At BCESC, we know community involvement in the search process is paramount to your success. What sets BCESC apart is the use of a community outreach expert, Mr. Jeffrey Stec. Mr. Stec and the BCESC staff understand the search for a new superintendent is an opportunity to build community support for the actual work to be undertaken by that person. People support what they co-create, so the ideal search process will ask stakeholders to identify the challenges and goals they want the superintendent to tackle, getting them excited about the strategic direction to be undertaken. If you have a difficult relationship with any stakeholders, don’t let the superintendent search simply stir-up anger—transform that anger into a new direction co-created by your stakeholders so that you rally community support for both the new superintendent and the key work he/she undertakes.

By asking stakeholders to help co-create the new superintendent’s initial agenda and define their role in implementing it, they are much more likely to actively support his/her efforts when on the job.

Recruitment and Reach

We believe in the power of personal connections. When you partner with BCESC, you get access to the strength of the national ESC network for your administrative search. With the help of your Board and our ESC connections, we will find the “right” fit for your district. At BCESC, we know the importance of a good partnership and we will commit ourselves to helping you find the best partner for the job.


BCESC uses an online application process that helps applicants present themselves to the best of their ability. Using Frontline Applicant Tracking, we remove your Human Resources Department from the burden of receiving the large amount of paperwork needed in a successful search. By being an outside agency, we protect the confidentiality of the process for both the Board and the candidates. Using Frontline, applicants can upload resumes, certifications, transcripts, reference forms and any other materials relevant to the process.

We will bring the best fit candidates to your interviews. The criteria the community and your Board help develop will allow us to create a rubric to screen applicants. Our screening process includes personal contact with the applicant, reference checks, and potential visits to the candidate’s prior districts. Through this process, we will remain in constant contact with updates, copies of applications, and results of our findings.


After we present the most qualified candidates to the search committee and your Board selects the interviewees, we will create an interview schedule and help facilitate the process. We can help with the interview questions, offer interview training, and create an interview form the Board can use as a guide.

Throughout the interview timeline, BCESC will remain in constant contact with the Board of Education. It is our goal to keep everyone informed throughout the entire posting, recruiting, assessing, interviewing, and the final selection process. The BCESC will continue to advise the Board throughout the duration and, in addition, we will provide follow up correspondence to candidates who were not selected.

Since the desired outcome is to hire the best person to lead the district, we will continuously vet the candidates as the pool narrows and we will support of the Board in second and third rounds of interviews.

Commitment and Communication

After your Board makes their decision, we will continue to offer our support. Mentoring and Executive Coaching for the new leader will be available throughout the administrator’s first year at no additional cost. We will stay in regular contact with both the Board and the new administrator.

At BCESC, we believe in cultivating and maintaining a strong relationship between your Board and stakeholders and our search team. We are Partners in Shaping Lives and we want you to be successful. 


About Jeffrey L. Stec, J.D.Jeffrey L. Stec, J.D.

Mr. Stec is a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School who, after practicing law for 10 years, has worked as a community engagement specialist since 2002. After several years facilitating strategic planning for nonprofits, and then engaging citizens to develop strategic plans and budgets for municipalities, in 2010 Mr. Stec began to focus his practice on helping school districts engage their stakeholders. His clients have included Lakota Local Schools (engaging community stakeholders for the past six years), Princeton Schools (foundation strategic plan), Cincinnati Public Schools (budgeting), and Springboro Schools (a year-long mission development process). Mr. Stec has given highly acclaimed workshops on community engagement at the Ohio School Board Association Capital Conference (along with an all-day workshop at other times), Ohio PTA annual meeting, and other statewide groups.  Mr. Stec has two children and lives in East Price Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Contact: Chris Brown, BCESC superintendent, at 513.887.3710 or

Chris Brown has over 30 years of educational and administrative experience. 



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